Audience Welcomes GEN Raheel Sharif In Shandur Polo Festival

 “The Shandur Festival is not only a good omen for the growth of national and international tourism in the country but it is also a clear indication for terrorists that the Pakistani nation will continue its traditions alive without any fear,” the army chief said in his address to participants of the annual festival. The COAS said the ongoing military operation Zarb-e-Azb will continue across the country for the lasting peace and stability.
“The success of this operation, however, depends on the nation’s support and the leading role of the country’s youth.” General Raheel reiterated terrorists and their facilitators are being chased out across the country and Pakistan will soon be recognised for its better education facilities, peace and progress in the world. The army chief also lauded the role of different institutions of the Pakistan Army and local government for facilitating the people of G-B and Chitral by providing rescue and relief activities in the region in wake of natural disasters.







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